Saturday, March 01, 2008

Basement Crates: 33

The Sensations: Those Guys (Treasure Isle, 1968)
I've just been watching - through no real fault of my own - the Eurovision song contest heats on BBC1. The songs were all uniformly terrible, empty, hollow, sacks of unpleasant noise. Like the being awoken by the sound of the man next door farting in his sleep, the songs were never going to cause you any real harm, but they did make your soul feel just a little bit more exhausted. I'm sure the people involved spent months working on them, yet they signify nothing. Not one of them will be remembered in 40 minutes. This Sensations track was released 40 years ago. It was probably knocked up in half a day in Duke Reid's studio, yet it feels as magical and new, as supremely poppy, yet refreshingly odd as it must have done then. I don't understand how this sort of spontaneous genius works, really. But I'm endlessly appreciative of the fact it does.

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what a corker!