Tuesday, March 11, 2008

New Music Tuesday

July Skies: Waiting For The Test Card (MakeMineMusic, 2008)
The Skies are label-mates of, literally, the all-time greatest group of all time, epic45. This, naturally, gives them a huge leg-up in the interest stakes, at least from my point of view. Indeed, epic45 are on the record alongside Antony Harding who is, I discover, from Birmingham. This record is truly lovely: less folky and more abstract than Ver 'Pics, this is closer to something like The Pearl. It's my new Official Head Of Aural Relaxers and, let's be honest here, how can you not love a track called Waiting For The Test Card?


Jude Rogers said...


BLTP said...

I hadn't heard v'45's in week or so but found the cd tidying up and then sat listened on my big stereo and it is just really good.
Do you know if the ver'
epic's are playing anywhere anytime soon.
also have you seen this vid
I'll check out this tune when I'm in mp4 friendly enviroment (at home);)

the mammary gland said...

great title, gorgeous music.
Little birra trivia, the girl on the test card came from my home town.

Rob said...

Jude: Ha! You'll love it (but Dan'll love it more). How was Friday?
bltp: great clips! i had invites for those two gigs, but couldn't go :( I'll let you know about the next one. I'll arrange a Landcroft House Evening Out!
TMG: The album's rilly, rilly good...

BLTP said...

I'n now officially waiting for the test card to pop through my letter box.