Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Hello Old Thing, Hello New Thing: 27

Tintern Abbey: Vacuum Cleaner (Deram, 1967)
There is, literally, nothing not to like about this. For one, it has a great intro. For another, it has that super-heavy bass meets knitting-needle drums that just sounds better and better the more you turn it up. For a third, it features the lyric, "Fix me up with your sweet dose, now I feel like a ghost" which is, actually, quite profound. And, finally, it has an amazing backwards guitar solo that only just fits into the space they've left for it. This is the B-Side of the only single they ever recorded. I stole it from here.

Kashmere: The Genesis (YNR Productions, 2008)
Finding this in the pile was one of the moments that make opening your post worthwhile. In among the crapola indie bands and, I kid you not, lesbian blues duos, was Kashmere a British hip hop artist who has what scientists call The Whole Package. He writes brilliant lyrics, has a great voice, he looks good and has the sort of production thump that makes your windows fall out. So, for all those reasons, I hope you'll forgive the Don't Bootleg This CD! alerts that are dropped all over this track. I suppose I shouldn't have stolen it. Sorry, Kashmere.


BLTP said...

From the deepest, darkest crevices of the underworld, an unknown macabre entity boiled into existence. Aided by the fires of great demons and the sorcery of beings beyond human comprehension, Kashmere was born.

Oooh er mrs
"Through a deal with a high-ranking demon, Kashmere acquired the skills of a world-class emcee, and honed them to perfection by battling smaller cave dwelling minions amidst Earth’s flaming magma. He has been setting fire to microphones ever since"

Rob said...

i know, i know. i like all that stuff. it shows IMARGARINEATION, innit