Thursday, March 06, 2008

With Love From Me To Them

Cafe Creme: Unlimited Citations Part 1 / Unlimited Citations Part 2 (EMI Italy, 1977)

"Singing with The Beedles!" they yelp, "Twisting in the 60s!" they scream, "Back In USSR!" they stumble, unable to get their mouths around that pesky definitive article. While the UK and America was experiencing the pant-tightening thrills of punk rock, Cafe Creme were recording jazz-funk tinged disco medleys of Beatles songs. I love how they're miming their own instruments on the cover and I love how they look like the guys who were left out of Toto for looking "too session-y".

Until yesterday I'd never heard of Unlimited Citations, then Silvana came back from Italy with a stack of 7"s she dug out for me from a gorgeous great market she came across in Lucca. Ahead of their time, these chaps - it would take Candy Flip another 13 years to catch on to how amazing it would be to have a version of Strawberry Fields Forever you could dance to. All this and production by French disco guru Laurent Rossi? Truly we are spoiled.


BLTP said...

Interesting stuff, on the subject Of bimbo Jet people might like this
It's dodgy french disco all over the place.

Rob said...

Bltp: always first with the French disco news!

Silvana said...

Candy Flip are from Derby you know!

Planet Mondo said...

Have you heard the Sarah Vaughn Beatles covers album? It sounds just like this, and spookily is actually recorded with the beardy blokes from Toto.

Have a bang on this too (if it's still up) - an Italo Disco version of Eleanor Rigby