Thursday, March 13, 2008

This Record Is Quite Nice, Actually: 8

Vetivier: Road To Ronderlin (Fat Cat Records, 2008)
This is ripped wholesale from Ver Ver's new album (WARNING: Pitchfork link) which landed on my desk yesterday and has been played four times already. All the details you'll ever need are in that link - but what's really important is how great it is. And it's really great. I was going to post their cover of Hawkwind's Hurry On Sundown which is from the very top of the top drawer, but then I plumped for this, a cover of Iain Matthews Out Of Fairport Convention's song what he wrote for Matthews' Southern Comfort. Basically, it's a lovely song and Vetiver do it with the requisite amazingness. Which is good of them, isn't it?

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the mammary gland said...

Andy Cabic is a lovely man and Vetiver are a fantastic band. thanks Rob