Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Don't Try This At Home

Our old friend Billy has his own record label called Names and one of his artists is the very excellent, King Creosote. Anyway, in reply to a recent post, Billy said that KC drinks red wine and cola. I thought it sounded tempting, a bit like a vampire version of a spritzer, so I filled a tall glass with ice and poured it half and half with real Coke (which I love) and red wine (which I don't much like). Guess what. It was horrible, all coppery and furry.

You might like it though! Apparently it is an acknowldeged tipple known as bambus. Full of fascinating info this blog, eh?


Pad said...

Very popular in Spain..... so i`m informed.

Alex said...

It's called Calimucho (not sure of the spelling) and is very popular with young spaniards. there's also Calicitron which is white wine with fanta limon if I remember rightly.

The secret to it is the choice of wine. Never use anything that could be described as a drinkable wine. If you would consider drinking the wine on its own then it is too good for this drink. Those 5 litre plastic barrels you get in the french hypermarkets are ideal.

In effect the bitterness of the wine offsets the sweetness of the coke (and it should always be proper Coca Cola as it doesn't seem to work with anything else). Also avoid ice, chilling both wine and coke heavily first seems to work better for some reason. Ice is last resort once you are too far down the bottle to care.

Among the other odd combinations I discovered on my travels as a professional drunk one favourite was one ofthe many Hemminway cocktails. This one was a slug of pernod topped off with champagne. Like some sort of deranged Kir Royale. Again only works with Pernod, not Ricard or any of the other aniseed drinks I tried. Seemingly the sweeter taste of Pernod was what made it.

Little Johnny Jewel said...

thanks to you and Jude Rogers I now have that King Creosote song on permanent loop in my bonce.

thank you very much. aaargh.

i think they call that an earworm, don't they?

it is a good tune though...

Drunk Mummy said...

Alex sounds like my sort of person!
Do you know, to my eternal shame, I don't believe I have ever used red wine as a mixer. But why not?
I have to give it a try (this is the woman who lived on cider and Cherry B for a couple of years) especially if I have uncorked a really ropey red and can't face either drinking it or pouring it down the sink.

Silvana said...

Alex thanks very much for all the info.
Maybe on a sunny Spanish beach it's terrific in a sort of sangria-style.

Pernod & Champagne and Cider & Cherry B, two nice new combos to try! Thank you!