Friday, August 03, 2007

Get Your Tabs Out

Tab Smith: Spider's Web (United, 1954)
How much do I love this record? Let me count the ways...

1. That spare snare thwack at the start.
2. The rising, rousing, end-of-the-pier organ.
3. The fat-fingered, Pomade'd Lothario stroking said organ.
4. The way it all drops out so subtly when Tab's sax appears.
5. The fact he was actually called Talmadge.
6. The fact that, ten minutes ago, I'd never heard of him.
7. The way a moronically simple blues vamp is - by the magic of breath and air and wire - transformed into something that still has the power to thrill 53 years after it was made.
8. The acoustic twiddle of a bass.
9. The fact it was almost certainly knocked off in about three minutes before slipping out for coffee and cigarettes.
10. The fact that no one sings.
11. The fact I've played it ten times in a row and the ending still makes me smile.


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