Thursday, August 09, 2007

Happy Ever Laughter

Have you noticed how many really properly funny programmes are on the BBC at the moment? There's not been anything good on since Catherine Tate turned rubbish so I say hurrah!

Top 3
The Visit
Gavin & Stacey
Still Game


James Franco said...

You missed Mock the Week.

Silvana said...

Yes, that would have been number 4 - I like that programme. Also I quite the Karen Taylor thing and there's Grown Ups (if you're under 30) on BBC3 and there's Drop Dead Gorgeous on BBC1 and Hyperdrive on BBC2. Not all targeted at me but quality comdey never the less.

Steve said...

I loved Mitchell and Webb! Was it the BBC or Channle 4?

BLTP said...

Not with you on the Karen taylor thing it's a very embarrassing katherine tate knock off that was just rubbish. I do like hyperdrive, I think if they stay with it it could work it self up to red dwarf or even blackadder. Maybe they could reshow some of your suggestions instead of 2 pints of cocking lager. Which is to comedy what locusts are to corn fields, I fear grown ups is it evil pupae waiting to springforth and contiue the devastation

Silvana said...

Steve - I believe that was the BBC. Channel 4 hasn't done anything good since Smack The Pony and that was along time ago. ITV, nothing funny since Duty Free.

Bltp - ok, maybe you're right about karen taylor but don't you love The Visit? Makes me and him laugh our heads off!

"2 pints of cocking lager"? Yes, I know but it's for the kids aint it!

rilly super said...

don't watch much telly but Still Game is becoming required viewing in my house, great stuff.