Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Hello Old Thing, Hello New Thing: 20

BB King: Ten Long Years (RPM, 1955)
This is taken from a fine record that's in your shops now. I'm not much of a fan of all that musical legacy business that artists like BB King inspire - through no fault of their own - but I love this record as I just like the idea of this being chosen as a single release. What a splendid world that must have been. And how full of interesting jukeboxes. Plot-wise, it would appear that, basically, for ten long years this chap had a girlfriend that was, up to a point, rather fine. Then it all went belly-up. In fact, his "baby" has actually gone and only the playing of the guitar and yelling, "Mercy!" is going to help.

Well, whatever gets you get through, old boy.

Maps: Elouise (SixToes Remix) (Mute, 2007)
James Chapman from Maps doesn't have a baby - of any years standing, as far as I know - to worry about. But he has just been nominated for the Mercury Music Prize which makes me happy as I've been banging on about him and his brilliant record for a year now. Anyway, this is from his new single. It's very good. I know a rather lovely baby called Elo(u)ise and, happily, I can report she doesn't have six toes. Oh no.

This just in, BB's over it now...


jackie said...

Scream! Bring it over when you drop by, the crackberry doesn't play tunes... (And fyi, as far as she's aware, she has no toes. No concept of them at all yet. Quite backward in the foot department)

Rob said...

Ha! I'll bring over a special copy just for her molyness the bab