Monday, August 20, 2007

Why Modern Music Is Good

Mixtapes & Cellmates: Like Something Worth Remembering (Tangled Up!, 2007)
Fifteen years ago, shoegazing indie-pop bands would have fought to the death to prove they were neither shoegazing nor indie, nor pop. These days - clearly a more enlightened age - they set up a MySpace page to advertise the fact. I think this is a good thing.

Anyway, Mixtapes & Cellmates are from Sweden and - as we can all see - (largely) have good hair. They have also made a respectable album album that doesn't really exist on the internet yet. But it will.



BLTP said...

I would say 60% good hair (or at least fashionable barnets) I have a feeling the bloke 2nd from left is the songwriter, so can get away with the Geog teacher look, the bloke to his left is obviously the guy from IT support who snuck into the pic. Good band name. This swathe of what I'm calling "nu-Indie" seem to differ from the "back to the old school" C86 crowd by mainly having decent production, Listening to Talulah Gosh etc they seem to have used the preverbial yoghurt pot and string set up.

Rob said...

Yes, first left drummer, hard right, guitarist, tall bloke has to be the Alex-Blur bassist. There's a lot to be said for this nu-indie stuff. Look out for The Scotland Yard Gospel Choir - I'll try to post something this week!