Monday, July 30, 2007

Absolutely Delicious Feta Dip

I had the in-laws round for Sunday lunch yesterday but it didn't go quite according to plan. It started well, with Rob and Scrap off out with a list of things to get and me alone in my own kitchen as happy as could be, cooking on a sunny Sunday morning with the Archers omnibus on.

At 10.30, there's a knock on the door, no, not Noel from across the road after soy sauce, tea bags or pickled ginger, but my mother and father-in-law. Yes, one and a half hours early! I am dressed in a vest and apron with hair like Amy Winehouse. "Have you ever eaten snails?" asks my father-in-law. I turn off the radio and put my shirt on.

Eventually Rob and Scrap return and we're having a nice time but it's getting later and later. We're all really hungry and can't eat any more nuts or crisps but Rob's sister has still not arrived! All my timings are out and I end up with three unexpected hours to to fill with drinks and snacks before I get to serve lunch.

We drag the kitchen table outside and sit in the sunshine and I cut a salami ring into thick slices, open a pack of saltines and whizz this dip up in less than three minutes. It kept them quiet for at least a quarter of an hour and was suprisingly yum.

Serves 4
1 small garlic clove
bunch of fresh mint
150ml Greek yogurt
squeeze of lime juice
1 preserved lemon, finely chopped
* 250g block of good feta
slosh of extra virgin olive oil

Place the garlic and most of the mint in a mini chopper and whizz until finely chopped. Add the yogurt and whizz to blend well then season with lime juice and salt.

Pour onto a serving plate and scatter over the chopped lemon. Crumble over the feta then drizzle over some olive oil. Scatter with a little shredded mint, then grind over some back peppper.

*This dip hinges on the quality of the feta. Sainsbury's own label is bad but Total is good. Best of all is one from the Greek grocer on Lordship Lane or my favourite, Cruson on Camberwell Church Street.


Anonymous said...

Nice dip S but your recipe of the week is revolting

Silvana said...

Oh. I know it doesn't look great but I bet it's yummy and really good for you. Lord knows where you get Miyeok brown seaweed from though...

James Franco said...

There isn't much food that I dont like, but Feta Cheese is one of them.
Tastes like slightly mouldy Chalk.
And I hate parsnips.

Rob said...

I'm with you on parsnips - put as much honey and sesame on them as you like, they're still just a deeply disappointing potato. But feta's the business. And this was delicious, innit....

BLTP said...

Top tip for feta and Halumi: The really salty stuff you can soak in milk for a few minutes and it cuts the saltiness down. The German stuff in milk cartons isn't good. My friend makes Yorkshire feta but don't tell the EU. Wensleydale being similar sharp texture and taste. Guest turning up early and late is just the worst.

Kelly said...

I have in-laws who regularky turn up that early. I've stopped making an effort. Great dip, although not in our house where DH is allergic to cheese. I ask you!

Silvana said...

Geat tip Bltp - thank you!

Allergic to cheese? How miserable is that! Does DH wish he could eat it or does he hate it anyway?

rilly super said...

I love feta. There's actually a chap up here in Yorkshire, down in Thisk in fact, who makes the stuff, but he was banned from calling it Yorkshire feta by the EU. it's very nice, whatever he calls it though.

Pig in the Kitchen said...

ooooo, this sounds good, and with a friend coming for an overnight stay...ta-daaaa, I shall look like a culinary goddess. It is rather a shame that i was planning a few vegan weeks to lose some weight, but never mind. I'm sure that resolution will pass in a champagne haze.

Silvana said...

Hi Rilly - what's the name of your Yorkshire feta?

Pig - you are a culinary goddess. Does a few vegan weeks lead to good weight loss then?

rilly super said...

it's made by a company called Shepherds Purse and the cheese is now known as 'fine fettle' silvana

Ironically it's been renamed because of same laws that Wensleydale Creamery up in Hawes is trying to use to get their name protected as origin specific.

Swaledale Cheeses in Richmond also produce a goats milk cheese, and a ewes milk one as well which is rather nice.

Silvana said...

Thanks for that Rilly. I really love cheese and am going to look up Shepherds Purse and Swaledale. Thanks.

susan said...

i love feta and this is a great recipe. it looks really delicious too.