Sunday, July 29, 2007

That Fête-full Day

Because we're sophisticated, tuned-in and artistic, while also remaining urban, edgy and on-point, we went to the Village Fête at the V&A yesterday. Oh yes. And it wasn't just because our route would (sort of) take us past that great bakery (Ayres) in Nunhead just as they were whipping the old sausage rolls out of the oven. Anyway, it was great (as were they) and the following things happened:

1. I saw a Stay Calm And Keep Going civil information poster from WWII in the V&A shop. I desired it a lot, but walked out without buying it (so, I can defer pleasure after all...).
2. We headed straight to The John Madejski Garden to sit for one of Nadine Faye James' Typewriter Portraits. That's it above. I think it's kind of brilliant, to be honest. Mind you, it should be for six quid...
3. Scrap climbed into Poke's amazing I'd Like To Teach The World To Burp machine to be filmed making a massive burp noise into a microphone. I thought it was hilarious, but then, I would, wouldn't I?
4. We then had a crack as Fibre Design's Quick Sculpt Queen Vic. I don't think we'll win, to be honest :(
5. After a bit more wandering about, we headed for Priestman Goode's Float Your Boat, where some lovely chaps helped Scrap make a boat from - hello! - recycled stuff. Said boat didn't actually work that well - not as good as my ivory-sculpted, petrol-powered one, anyhow - but he liked it. Enough to grab it, strip completely and join the rest of the boat-pushing littl'uns thrashing around in the ornate pool.

See you there next year, right?


jackie said...

That sounds ace! It's our village fete today with pat a pet (farmyard animals) which seems slightly pointless when there are farmyard animals all over the place. We have three champion showjumpers and one foal in our garden today! (Not ours, obv, but a girl can dream)

Silvana said...

I just love an afternoon at a local fete though the one we went to do was really lacking animals. Have a lovely time and pat a pet for us! x x

Nunhead Mum of One said...

I tend to find that ALL my journeys take me past Ayres the Bakers! Next time, have a custard danish.....yummmeeeee!

Anonymous said...

the sausage rolls from that bakers are very very good

James Franco said...

Mia was trying to pet the geese on Markeaton Park yesterday.
She hit one because it was trying to steal her bread that she was meant to be feeding it, but was more interested in eating it herself.