Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Hello Old Thing, Hello New Thing: 18

Jerry Reed: When I Found You (Capitol, 1956)

Jerry Reed is a huge star in the States, huge enough to have some unbearably awful fansites, anyway, but means nothing here. No great loss to us, but this track - recorded when he was just 19 - is rather good. I pulled it from this new compilation that's chock full mid-50s country artists struggling - or not, as is the case here - to come to terms with the rapid rise of rock and roll. Jerry sounds like he's having a great time, and the song's broad blues swing just gives the whole thing an extra bounce. And it's all over in less than two and a half minutes - always a plus point in my book.

Scout Niblett: Comfort You (Too Pure, 2007)

Scout Niblett isn't really called Scout Niblett at all. She's called Emma and she grew up in Nottingham, though she's now resident in America, probably somewhere fashionable like Portland (though I just imagined that, it might not be true). Anyway, old Scouty can be a bit too difficult for my liking - but this is really nice. It's taken from her new album, This Fool Can Die Now which isn't out til October, so it doesn't exist on the internet yet. However, it was produced by Steve Albini and this track is a duet with Bonnie "Prince" Billy, so it's Indie Rock Snob Heaven over here. But never mind all that, this is a great song and I shouldn't be so quick to judge people with odd names (as that idiot Mordechai Magoo said to me recently).



Simon said...

Like the Scout Niblett track, it's a cover version, isn't it? Saw her once supporting Howe Gelb and she did come across as entertaining if slightly mad. Thought she was a related to Bjork and from some strange place, so was very surprised to hear was from Nottingham!

ally. said...

thats just the best name and you had to go and spoil it. i'm pretending i didn't read her other name and am still giggling at anyone being called scout niblet. scout niblet scout niblet. i feel like randy off of my name is earl all of a sudden.