Monday, July 09, 2007

Godstone Farm

So we got in from Cornbury late last night, knackered after hours in the car, threw the washing in the machine, went to bed, got up, made sandwiches and were stood, all three of us, outside the nursery ready to board the coach with mediocre packed lunches and wellies by 8.30am.

By 9.30am we were there already! We saw all the animals, cuddled baby chicks, rode the tractor, ran around the playbarns, dug holes in the world's biggest sandpit, had a sunny picnic on the grass, enjoyed tea and cake (lemon, which was from a choice of five cakes all made by a man in the village, £1.45 a slice in one of the few teas rooms in the country yet to be refurbished and triple their prices). But by 2pm, we were all ready for nap, getting a bit crotchety and wishing we were back on the coach.
And then the thunder started...

Go there, it's great. But an afternoon is plenty enough.

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