Monday, July 23, 2007

The Company Shed

Landcroft House had a proper, old-fashioned day out yesterday that went like this:

1. We got up early (no change there).
2. Made it to Dulwich College Farmer's Market for 9am to see Charlie's Mum and buy some of her delicious pasta sauce.
3. Not quite believing how good the weather is, we thrashed down the A12 - in the little car and everything - to Mersea.
4. Because we wanted to have lunch in The Company Shed.
5. As did half of the rest of the country. And who could blame them? The sun was shining, the wind was blowing gently, and £8.50 for a Seafood Platter seemed like the best deal in town (trans: village).
6. We also had some pickles that were "alright" and some milky oysters.
7. Oh, and some delicious salmon pate.

Afterwards we wandered out to the water and lay in the sand for a while. It was truly wonderful. When we got home, Silvana dug out our Old Green Book which is like a paper and actual hard-copy picture of this blog that Silvana (and, to a lesser extent, I) did a few years ago. It's full of receipts and menus and photos and maps and tickets and descriptions of meals we ate. In it is this little gem where someone about 300 years younger than me - wearing Nike! For shame! - stands looking thin and dark haired outside the aforementioned Essex-coast-based crab-shack.

What a lovely spot.


Heidi said...


maybe it's someone else? Although it does look a bit like you. Good lord, Nike. I don't know what to say.

Rob said...

It was a long time ago. I feel so conflicted... It was a nice shoe!

BLTP said...

I've always wondered are milky oyster bad (i've passed on them in the passed) or is it just the eggs? Are Mersea oyster as good as those from Mont st Michel in Brittany which are delish?

Silvana said...

Well Bltp, good question, as always. Milky oysters aren't bad, they are spawning. That's why they say to only eat oysters when there's an 'r' in the month as in the warm weather, the oysters are busy doing 'other things' which makes them a bit limp and milky and not very nice to eat. I have never eaten a Mont St Michel oyster but would love to. I can recommend a Whitstable oyster. Their oyster festival is on this week but I reckon you should wait until September.