Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Hello Old Thing, Hello New Thing: 15

Laurie Johnson: West End (el, 2007)
Laurie Johnson is, frankly, a bit of a chap. He wrote the theme to Dr. Strangelove and The Avengers (among hundreds of other pieces), but there's still something utterly, wonderfully exciting about West End, his theme for Whicker's World, written in 1966 and available here. What a show, an ex-army officer in a great pair of glasses jets around the world filming cool stories for a nation for whom a package holiday to Spain was about as good as life got. Global warming? Pah!

Strings Of Consciousness: Defrost Oven (Central Control, 2007)
There are 13 people in SoC and they are they are a bit odd. I'm sensing an an art element to the whole package and, it must be said, some of their album was a bit shouty crackers, but this is a little beauty. It's not quite a minute and a half long, but it's got that sort of experimental / melodic thing that gets me every time. A bit tinkly-tonkly, a bit gamelan, a bit mental, but very nice. And I love the title.


Sorry about the pop-up heavy zshare links - my beloved Divshare seems to have gone belly up :(


The Mammary Gland said...

West End swings big time Rob, those horns are marvellous. they don't make 'em like that anymore. Good to hear you have forgone camping, if the budget allows it's by far the best idea.

Rob said...

We've played little else here for the last few days! As for sat night, I fully intend to be in a hot bath with a very strong drink by midnight...

Anonymous said...

in a (slighltly) similar vein have you checked out David McCallum's Music is a Part of Me

(sorry, unable to link to track!)

still confused as to what part he actually plays!


Rob said...

loving that Gav...