Tuesday, July 17, 2007

New Music Tuesday

I opened my post and this was in it. Literally, hurray! King Creosote's last album was an absolute doozy. And this 4 Track sampler would appear to suggest that:

1. It was a rather decent warm up
2. Old KC has quite a lot - well, at least four - great new songs in him
3. There was a budget you could feel between your fingers
4. You've No Clue Do You is The Hit Single in waiting
5 Spysticks will be next year's Festival Anthem
6 Home In A Sentence ("Hold onto her / Stay focussed / Keep her in your sights / Don't stray out of her eyes") might sound impossibly romantic, but it's actually a right little bastid...
7 Nooks sounds the precisely the sort of piano and violin croon-a-long you'd like to enjoy in a convivial Anstruther pub.

A full copy of the album should be here tomorrow...

Literally hurray, again.

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