Saturday, July 14, 2007

Cheese and Pigs

An early appointment had us trotting through Marylebone at 9am. Just off the High Street is Moxon St where two of London's best food shops sit side-by-side. First we popped into La Fromagerie where Rob and Scrap sat at a pew scoffing pastries, frothy coffee and pressed apple juice while I stood in the sealed-off Cheese Room sniffing it all in and finally picking a lovely, smokey scamorza and loaf of rosemary bread to take to our friend's party tonight.

Just next door is the equally brilliant Ginger Pig. Again we went in opposite directions as soon as we got into the shop with those two going straight to the deli side and coming back with a very large pork pie and a big hot sausage roll from the cabinet. I meanwhile, stared at the handsome joints and the sausages and wondered if I could fit a cooking opportunity into this weekend (no chance, we're staying with friends tonight and tomorrow) and eventually bought a pair of smoked hocks for just £1.50 each (as they're smoked, they'll last a least a week in the fridge). "Simmer one with some greens" said the butcher "and serve it with creamy mash". I think that's exactly what I'll do.
Recipe to follow soon.


Nunhead Mum of One said...

yum, looking forward to that!

Clair said...

Lovely to know another pork product fan. My idea of a good time is a fabulous half-hour at Scott's pork butchers in York that has 'YORK HAMS BACON LARD' written above the shop. Ooh, I fancy some brawn now!