Thursday, November 01, 2007

This Record Is Quite Nice, Actually: 4

Buck 65: The Beatific (WEA, 2007)
This is rather nice. I've never been much taken with ol' 65's book-learning hip hop before, but this tale of Beat Poetry and general boho behaviour is a wee bit good. The new album is - oh yes - a sort of concept affair about how amazing 1957 was. And a quick glance here only seems to confirm that. My favourite 1957 factoid: It was the year that "the Africanized bee was accidentally released in Brazil." What's yours?


sime said...

Praps the untimely death of Humphrey Bogart, in no way connected to his weekly consumption of a Windermere of booze drinks and a Sherwood Forest of fags.

Planet Mondo said...

57 was the year that Sid Vicous was born too. My Vintage year would be 1977 though - Punk at it's peak. Disco Inferno with Saturday Night Fever. Space Disco a go-go with Donna Summer/Georgio Moroder, Rah Band - The Crunch, Space - Magic Fly and the coolest James Bond Car ever (the underwater one). Even 'Pulsar' style digital watches at Argos.

There were some howlers too, but the highs outweigh the lows

ally. said...

i don't know nothing - but i shall be using 'book learning hip hop' often from now on