Saturday, November 17, 2007

Roasted Salmon Pate

Robert has disappeared off on a stag do and is due back tomorrow, about an hour or so after his parents and siblings arrive for lunch. I need to get organised. I've tried to get Scrap busy with the potato peeler but it's not going so well.

This is a nice and easy, prepare-ahead starter.

Serves 6
2 fillets lightly smoked salmon, about 300g in total
150g soft cheese
75g crème fraiche or Greek yogurt
2 - 3 tsp creamed horseradish
2 tbsp snipped chives
thin slices of lemon to decorate
hot bread rolls, to serve

1 Preheat the oven to 220C/Gas7. Roast the salmon for 10 minutes or so until nicely browned and cooked through. Leave to cool.

2 Beat together the soft cheese, crème fraiche, horseradish and plenty of black pepper. Flake the fish and stir into the creamy mixture. Spoon into a large serving dish or individual pots.

3 Decorate with slivers of lemon and a good grinding of black pepper then cover and chill for a least a couple of hours. Eat within 2 days.


sime said...

Oh boy!
I am looking forward to that.

Silvana said...

Good! Now don't be late. You're on Scrap-duty! x

sime said...

Better go to bed RIGHT NOW...

Belle said...

Oh wow my mouth is watering at this.. just bought some salmon for the girls.. do you think i could hijack it and give this to a 3 and 1 year old???!!! xx

ps fruit soaking in brandy for cake but am going to Paris tomorrow so can't make cake itself til Thursday.. does this matter?

Silvana said...

My 31/2 year old ate this for his lunch and seemed to enjoy it, so worth trying with your girls.

Fruit is fine with just a couple of hours soaking. Make the cake now - doesn't take long to stir together and leave it to bake while Holby City's on.