Sunday, November 25, 2007

Mall Or Nothing

I'm just back from a quick dash to the rubbish cook shop on Lordship Lane for some star-shaped cutters and you know, they had them too, in three different sizes as well as many other festive shapes.
I was walking back up the road feeling quite pleased when a woman stops me with a flyer. "Do you know about the new indoor market?" she asks. No. I do not."Well it's just here behind Caffe Nero and my friend sells oysters at the back." Five seconds later I'm in there. I've picked up three cut-price books for Scrap for £7 from the first stall, tasted cheese, browsed jewellery and hand-made pottery and some nice old furniture and at the back is the oyster man. He's got three types of oyster: Falmouth Bay Natives, Fine de Claire and Rocks at one of each for just £3.50. He has shallot vinegar that he's made himself and glasses of Champagne and does eat in (no chairs yet) or take away. That's tonight's tea sorted then!

Shallot Vinegar
Very finely chop a shallot and mix with 5 - 6 tablespoons of red wine vinegar. Add brown sugar, salt and pepper, to taste.

Ed Warehouse, 1 Zenoria Street, East Dulwich
The Oystercatcher 07989 554536


Rob said...

I particularly like the Claire De Lunes (or whatever). Went down well with a very cold glass of prosecco n' all...
*makes posh face*

Matt Hall said...

I could bore for England about oysters - and may well do so when I next see you. If he's around next week, try the Falmouth Bay - the season's just started and doesn't last for that long. Yada yada yad...