Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A Taste For Advent-Ure

Scrap's grand-parents gave him an advent calendar at the weekend. It's very lovely but it's got no chocolate in it. When I was a child I didn't get a single advent calendar and would have been delighted to open a little window and find a picture of little robin on a snowy branch. Not so sure about Scrap though. He's already learned to expect a foil compartment with a tiny Mars bar in it...


BLTP said...

Better not show him this one then!

or perhaps this one



Five-Centres said...

My mum still sends me an advent calendar, and I'm 42. She likes doing it, so I indulge her.

I'm afraid I never eat the chocolate though.

Planet Mondo said...

The retromaniac/no choco' ones were best (especially if there was glitter on the snow). I was always disappointed they never went all the way up to 25 though.

Would recommend this for Scrap my two love it - Topsy and Tim's Snowy Day - in which Tony Welch (ever the stooge) gets a shovelful of snow down the neck


Nunhead Mum of One said...

ooh, we have five advent calendars in our house......one for Mac, one for me and three special doggy ones for the three dogs. Naturally they're all chocolate.....

Silvana said...

Bltp - yours are brilliant but both out of stock!

Five-Centres - you don't eat the chocolate? You DON'T eat the chocolate???

Mondo - I love the look of Topsy And Tim. They're going in Scrap's sock

NMoO - yes, at last, my very own calendar!