Friday, November 23, 2007

Basement State:1

Frazier Chorus: Cloud 8 [Future Mix] (Virgin, 1990)
Landcroft House has a big basement. It's one of the reasons we bought the place eight years ago. Sadly, if understandably, it's always been a bit of a dumping ground. But, among the old pots and pans and books and video tapes and magazines and vases and glasses and plates and furniture, there is a lot of old CDs and vinyl.

I was at what can only be described as a music-biz party last night, This is rare for me, so I enjoyed it very much. I used to go to these things all the time, but now they're a proper treat. Anyway, while there I was talking to a few people about acid house (I know, very boring). All the usual suspects got named, but, thanks to sharing a cab home with a member of a previously very popular shoe-gazing foursome (and talking about their legendary, mid-tour after-party in King's Cross), I started thinking about the way acid house affected British indie groups. Suddenly, everyone wanted a remix, a new sound. Even the most unlikely. But this is a great one.

And, having said that, so is this one. Whatever happened to all the people?


Five-Centres said...

A friend of mine is married to the singer from the Frazier Chorus, who also happens to be the brother of Martin Freeman from The Office.

I think he does computers these days. He lives in Lewes.

Rob said...

Good place to live. Shirley Collins lives there too...