Friday, April 27, 2007

Hello Old Thing, Hello New Thing: 6

The Beach Boys: Hawaii (Capitol, 1964)

I got this yesterday and, quite understandably bearing in mind how many times this band have been repackaged and resold I initially felt like just chucking it in the bin. But then I heard this and decided that, just maybe, there was some tiny amount of legs left in this whole sunshine-pop game. I love this picture too - so that helps.

Polytechnic: Rain Check (Shatterproof, 2007)

From sunshine - oh yes! - to rain. To be honest, Polytechnic could do with having fared a little bit more betterer in the old gorgeousness exams, (the album sleeve is a cartoon - always a bad sign), but this track is a proper beauty. If you've ever felt anything in for the sort of slightly careworn, just-got-out-of-bed-at-three-in-the-afternoon, shamble-friendly indie-rock that, say, Pavement used to do so well then you'll love it. You will...



Silvana said...

That Beach Boys track is really horrible. I am surprised at you! Should have put it straight in the bin :(

David Hepworth said...

The thought strikes me that if in the future rain is going to be as rare as it seems to be at the moment, won't the pop songwriters of the future be singing the praises of precipitation rather than sunshine?

Rob said...

Good point - perhaps this will mean that everyone will finally realise that this might well be the finest pop song this lot ever gifted us.