Saturday, April 07, 2007

Staunton Harold Reservoir

My sister Angela likes cooking and eating as much as I do but baking cakes are her speciality. This morning, she baked cherry fairy cakes in two sizes, a brack and a chocolate cake for tomorrow. After we'd sat in garden and eaten the sausages and garlic-and-rosemary-chicken she'd cooked us on the barbecue, she packed up her cakes and a camping kettle and we all set off for Staunton Harold and enjoyed a cup of tea in the great outdoors. Tonight we have a plan to go into Burton for local beer and a balti. Yipee!

Angela's Brack
This is a classic tea loaf. It has no added fat. Mix together 425g mixed dried fruit, 175g demerara sugar and 150ml hot black tea. Cover and leave overnight. Stir in a beaten egg and 225g of self raising flour. Spoon into a lined loaf tin and bake for 11/2 - 13/4 hours until firm.

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David Hepworth said...

Ever thought of having a system of certification for some of your pictures of food? I fear some of them could tempt the weak into a life of petty crime. Tell me Rob kept a bit of that cake. And tell him from me: Moro pig good, Madrid pig better.