Friday, April 20, 2007

Quiet Is The New Loud

Amiina: Kolapot (Ever, 2007)
I sort of have a new favourite band in the world (I know this happens a lot, it really can't be helped). Anyway, they're called Amiina and they're from Iceland and their new album is really tremendously good. And not just because they're knitting on the cover (although that helps, obv). They are much beloved of the Sigur Ros, Radiohead types, though I shouldn't hold that against them. I think this might be the quietest record I've ever heard. And, yes, all the album is like this. Hooray!

DJ Zinc: Super Sharp Shooter (Parousia, 1996)
The only knitting these mad junglist bastards will be doing is with their eyebrows as they prepare to beat the living bejeezus out of you. This record makes me think of a very naughty chap I used to know called Joe. We listened to this about 50 times as one long night became a new, rather more painful morning and it never, ever got boring. I stole this from this album which is out any day now. And there's not a bad track on it. Which is also hooray-ful, innit?


Heidi said...

We are now big fans of Amiina! Thanks for posting this

BLTP said...

I think I saw ammiina support sigur ros at somerset house they had a musical saw and a wine glass orchestra and so perversely rocked.

Rob said...

Hey BLTP, nice to have you here. That was them alright - they're definitely bedded in with that whole art-rock scene. The album really is incredibly good and, I heard today, I might be going to Iceland to talk to them. Maybe they'll knit me a scarf?