Thursday, April 26, 2007

Records That Toy With Cultural Norms: 1

The Miracles: (Ain't) Nobody Straight In LA (Motown, 1975)

Released as Motown's white hot period began to fade to a more thinly spread, charcoaly grey, The Miracles decided to, well, go gay. If only for a bit. Over a War-shaped, Latino-lite backing, Billy Griffin sings in his finest, softly-lisping falsetto: "Homo-sex-uali-ty, is a part of so-cie-ty, I guess that they need some more va-rie-ty." Everyone's gay, they reason, so we might as well be gay too. Why, it's the latest thing! Of course, by the end of the track they're metaphorically rearranging their bri-nylons and bristling their mousatches while chatting idly about how those LA gay bars are stuffed full of "fine women" - OK! we get it! you're not really gay! But 32 years later, who could possibly make a new version?

I can't think of anyone...

EDIT: If one of the above chaps was to be gay, which one do you think it would be? I can't decide between Shadesman and The Gruffalo (bottom right)...

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