Friday, April 27, 2007

Records That Make Me Feel Good: 22

The Killers: Mr Brightside Jacques Lu Cont's Thin White Duke mix (Island, 2006)

Silvana had some harsh words for The Killers a few days ago. But even she would have to agree that this is a work of complete genius, the sort of remix that can make you rethink your whole attitude to a band. Eh, sweetheart? Anyway, I spent 19 hours on a tourbus with The Killers once and I can confirm they were sound chaps. They, sensibly, spent most of the night asleep in their coffin-like bunks, but Brandon and I spent hours smoking Davidoff cigarettes and drinking coca-cola while staring out into the north Californian night. Later, he feasted on Twinkies and looked at me disbelievingly when I said I never eaten one. So I had one. And it was horrible. Years ago I reviewed the singles for Melody Maker with Jacques Lu Cont aka Stuart Price. He must have been about 6 at the time. I also remember having to go to Radio 1 in the middle of the bloody night to interview him when he was doing a special live show there. He was a very funny man. Around the same time my friend Peter interviewed him at home and broke his armmchair, but Stuart must have forgiven him because the only way you can buy this mix now is on Peter's own very marvellous album.


Silvana said...

I want a Twinkie! WHERE CAN I GET A TWINKIE?

Rob said...

Well, we got our Twinkies in a truck stop somewhere outside Portland, Oregon *swoons at the "romance" of it all*

Valentine Suicide said...

Blimey. 'Get a room!'

I'm inclined to agree that this is very good.

*exits hastily*

Stef said...

I like so many of The Killers remixes and b-sides, I really wish they were a pop/dance act rather than getting involved with all the rock business. There's a b-side from one of the recent Sam's Town session called something along the lines of 'Where The White Boys Dance' and it is pure Bowie around the time of 'Let's Dance' and it's genius.

dulwichmum said...

God I am so old bloody hat. I do actually know who The Killers are, but they could pass me in the street, and I would not flinch. The Jam though, or Take That - I would spot them two blocks away. I am so bloomin old!