Tuesday, April 10, 2007

London Cat Eats Chips

I saw this story today on an American website about a cat in London who catches the bus to the chippy every day. When I clicked on the link I was very disappointed to discover that:
a) the story was from the Daily Mail
b) the cat lives in Wolverhampton
c) it didn't actually go to the chippy


myriam said...

if she didnt go to the chippy, then i am sure she went to a shoeshop. look - she is on the bus, travelling. she must be going somewhere. - how was nyc? did you see the all occasion cake at D&D?

Silvana said...

Yes, we had a great time thanks. I followed all your notes (thank you so much) and asked in D&D for the cake but i was not available that day :(
Next time!

Anonymous said...

The Daily Wail always disappoints! ;-)