Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Old Music Wednesday: Soundsystem Special

Mikey Dread: Everybody Needs A Proper Education (12" mix) (Trojan, 1979)
A great record just plopped on my desk. It looks like this and you might want to buy it as it's rather good. This Mikey Dread track is a little bit on the great side

Mark Stewart: These Things Happen (On-U Sound, 1990)
Bim Sherman: Slummy Ghetto (On-U Sound, 1992)
In other reggae news - no, come back! - I'd always thought I wouldn't like On-U Sound stuff as I'd assumed it was for pot-smoking Fall fans (I used to sell a lot of On-U records to a pot-smoking Fall fan), but this is fantastic. Me and my pal Ronnie remixed a Bim Sherman record once. It wasn't as good as this one even by the time we'd finished with it.

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