Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Hilarious Things You Do When You're Drinking: 1

Jerry Lee Lewis: Drinking Wine Spo-Dee O'Dee (Lemon, 1973)

I went to the Dog in Dulwich Village for some beery refreshment with Matt and Gav from our old NCT group last night. Three years after the birth of our various ankle-biters, we still manfully make a date to hammer the fizzy keg on a regular basis. We're a bit selfless like that. Anyway, after a couple we began to reminisce about the drinks of our youth. In particular, the way some of those drinks were served in proper pint (or, even better, half-pint) jugs. You used to have to ask (nicely) for a straight glass. Well, we reversed that trend last night by getting Gav to ask for jugs. Matt and I agreed to drink warm bitter if we could have it in something with a handle. When he wandered out to the rapidly darkening garden gripping these three little beauties we yelped with delight. We did.


Alex said...

If you can ever find an excuse to get out to the country The Bell at Aldworth in Berkshire is a fabulous country pub where most things are still served in handles. Or clsoer to home, the lovely little pub behind Queens Club in Barons Court, called The Greyhound I think. run by an old couple and everything is pre-80s pub revolution.

Rob said...

Hi Alex
I have a friend who lives near Barons Court - I might have to give him a call...