Monday, April 02, 2007

You'll like this. Not a lot.

We went to Henry and John's joint birthday party at The Salvation Army Hall on Norwood Road on Saturday and had a great time. As we approached it we could see a charity sale going on outside and Robert got all over-excited and came back with a huge pile of religious albums by people like the Jimmy Owens' Come Together Singers for £1.25. No doubt he'll be getting his special little turn table out so he can post them for us all later, so there's something to look forward to.
Anyway, there was a magician at the party with an actual live rabbit in a hat! Talking of which did you seen that sinister Paul Daniels on Wife Swap last night? Poor old Debbie McGee.


Miles said...

I think my smashing wife has already commented extensively on your freezer experiement, but here's my own first comment.
We *love* Landcroft House. Fantastic food and fantastic tunes in the same place - who can ask for more.
Your domestic existence seems to mirror our own in many ways - I'm tempted to get my own special little turntable which would be yet another piece of gratuitous gadgetry for me to get excited about and for Mrs M to say "Yes Dear" about.
Have a fantastic time in New York.

Silvana said...

Thank you Miles, you're very very kind. Love to Mrs M x