Monday, April 16, 2007

Three At Last, Three At Last!

Colleen: Echoes & Coral (The Leaf Label, 2007)

So, the little fellow had his third birthday party yesterday and what a do it was. JAGS sports hall welcomed 20 maniacally excited children, a bouncy castle, loads of mats to jump onto, some little bikes, buggies, footballs, slides, all that sort of thing. After an hour of high-intensity shouting, yelling, jumping, bouncing, racing, running and leaping (with some top-notch, over-whelmed crying thrown in, mainly from Scrap) everyone piled upstairs where Silvana had laid out a special party spread with each little darling getting an individual box-ette (like Roxette, only less annoying) with drink, grapes, chicken and cucumber wrap, jelly 'n' cupcake etcetc). It was quite a sight, seeing all his little pals sat there and everyone was so kind with their gifts. It wasn't just Scrap whom felt a bit overwhelmed by it all, I tell yer *sniffs*.

Anyway, you need a drink after that sort of thing, so we got everyone back to help us clear the cava build up we were suffering from. It was hot. Everyone took on a rosy, happy glow. The young 'uns began to give up the fight and gravitated towards the telly. Most of the older ones nicked off about 6:30. The last, heroic reveller stumbled back over the road to his house at 12:30am. Scrap woke up at about 5. Ouch. If I'd had this fantastically hypnotic little beauty from Colleen's new album to hand I'd have played it to him and we'd have all slept on peacefully til noon.


myriam said...

i am impressed! will you host my next birthday party? ;) m

Heidi said...

What a party! Thank you so much! I know at least one little boy who had the time of his life, going nuts in the bouncy castle and stuffing his face with chocolate cake! Thank you also for the gluten free boxette, and for making it easy for our Sami to take part. Milo has to be surgically removed from the rattle he got in his party bag.

I might have my birthday party in JAGS this year! Bouncy castle! Cocktails! A good combination!

Silvana said...

Thank you Heidi. We're really glad Sami enjoyed himself. Bouncy castle and cocktails? Nice idea!

Neil M said...

that's a great picture - scrap looks like he's been on the stella... much to the surprise of the little lad on the other end of the sofa. good work.

Rob said...

You're right Neil - I thought that myself!