Friday, April 13, 2007

Things That Used To Be A Bit Better In The "Old" Days Than They Are Now 1: Adverts

Are there adverts on the telly at the moment that are anything like as joyous, silly and unashamedly colourful as this Japanese Wham! promo for Maxell from - I'm guessing - 1984?

No. There aren't.

Shame, isn't it?


Cherie Willers said...

Rob said...

"This Cherie Willers can't be for real, can she? That Midlake review is shockingly bad."

Sorry Rob. What are your thoughts on the gig?

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Rob said...

"But the post underneath about - ho hum - climate change is unbelievable...

"I'm currently putting together a radio documentary on living a carbon neutral lifestyle...

I'm a bit of a dunce when it comes to the environment..."

So, why are you doing it then? Surely no one is that hopeless?

Living a carbon neutral lifestyle is something that is constantly in the media. But how much does the average Joe on the street really know about reducing their carbon emissions? My point was that while I hope I have a grasp of the basics (drive less, fly less, don't leave appliances on standby) I am by no means an expert.

I want to see how easy it is for someone starting from scratch (i.e. your average family/householder) to learn about and try to live in a more ethical way, while spending as little as possible to do so.

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Heidi said...

very helpful to finally know the definition of a blog! have had so many sleepless nights about it.

*settles down with popcorn and a beer*