Friday, April 27, 2007

Top Tipple

Our friend Pad really knows about wine and he says this:
"You must run down to your local Sainsbury and buy up in large quantities the Muriel 1998 Gran Reserva Rioja . This little beauty is 100% Temapranillo , spent 24 months in oak barrels and 36 months in bottle prior to release. They are selling it at £4.99 a bottle! When I was a kid and working for one of those posh wine merchants with royal warrants , we used to sell the crianza for £6.85 and that was back in the day! Hurry hurry hurry"

Thank you Pad.

Drunk Mummy, meanwhile is tucking into M&S Chablis.....


David Hepworth said...

Have invested in four bottles. Shall I "lay it down" or shall I "tip it down"?

Silvana said...

ha ha ha! Tip it down!

Let us know if it 's as good as he says