Monday, November 13, 2006

Adam & Grieve

Dr Adam Forsythe died in Emmerdale tonight. It's a shame as Richard Shelton, who plays him, lives round the corner from Landcroft House and is a good friend of my brother Anthony. I did always enjoy watching him drinking pints in the Woolpack or behaving menacingly towards Lorraine Chase. When he's not murdering people on telly, he's a jazz singer and is taking part in a Celebrity Swing Night in aid of Motor Neurone Disease Assocaiation on Thursday. Click for more info: MND


Tony said...

ah..poor Richard

Anonymous said...

Too soon! He was the one we love to hate! Maybe they'll resurrect him in a shower scene a.k.a. Dallas and Steph will say "It as all a dream, darlin' me ol' Cockney Sparrow"..... We loved that loony couple!