Saturday, November 18, 2006

Dragon Castle

Robert, Simon, Scrap and I went for lunch in Dragon Castle on the Walworth Road today. It's so our favourite that we have to limit how many times we go as it's got a bit embarrassing showing up as often as we do. Scrap chants 'I eat rice' all the way there. We love the whole experience - there's a huge gold studded castle-door entrance flanked by stone lions and there's a big pond in the foyer with coins in the bottom and koi carp and a few whisps of dry ice and beautiful women greet you in red and gold dresses. I can't understand what it's doing on the Walworth Road but though it's huge, it's always packed so we're not alone in loving it. Best dim sum in London, no question. In fact once when we were there a few months ago, just after it opened, Giles Coren from the Times was on the table next to ours very undiscreetly doing a review. Turned out he thought it was fantastic too:
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