Monday, November 20, 2006

Records That Make Me Feel Good: 2

Tobias Froberg: Somewhere In The City (Live) (Poptones, 2006)
Tobias Froberg is from Sweden. He writes really beautiful songs and some other people play sort of bass and drums along with his voice and his guitar and it all sounds a bit tremendous. People have mentioned Simon & Garfunkel and Kings Of Convenience (I went to Bergen to interview them once for a now defunt "style" magazine. Hilarity ensued, of which more later) and both have their place. This is a special live version of his album's title track. It turned up in my post this morning and I really like it a lot. In fact, I'd go so far to say it made me feel good.

Matthew Jay Drawing Circles (Parlophone, 2003)
This is from a rare Matthew Jay remix 12", much of which is rather dreadful house versions, but this Fug mix is a really good way to remember him. I interviewed Matthew a couple times - saw him live a few times too - and he was a funny, modest sort of chap who was a little too ahead of the singer-songwriter revival curve to be done much good by it.

In September 2003, just as things were beginning to really pick up for him, Matthew fell to his death from a seventh floor window, a shocking, horrible way to go. I still remember his press officer, Chris, phoning to tell me what had happened. We'd only recently saw a great Matthew show at some strange bar on the Strand I can't recall the name of.

Anyway, and rather more happily, Matthew's indestructible talent has meant his memory is being kept alive all over the internet. I hope this finds its way to someone new.

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