Thursday, November 30, 2006

Far from the Madding Crowd

A few months ago we got a parcel in the post for someone we'd never heard of but with our address on. In the end we opened it and it was huge batch of Daily Mail classic dvds. Someone had obviously carefully collected the free vouchers and sent them off. I felt bad but Robert said they'd just phone up and get them sent again. Anyway, I just watched Far from The Madding Crowd and it's now my favourite film of all time. It's especially more better than the astonishingly awful new version of The Wicker Man that Robert made me watch the other night. This has all you could want from a film, Julie Christie, Terence Stamp, beautiful scenery, a dashing villain, death, heartbreak and a happy ending. It also stars Alan Bates, who was from Derby you know.

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Tony said...

Simon Groom off Blue Peter was also from Derby