Tuesday, November 07, 2006


It's all go at Fork today. Jenny, Katie and I are all in upstairs typing away like the clappers. The office / studio is in The Bellenden conservation area and it really is a lovely little pocket of London. We've just taken a walk out to Ganapati and chosen from the set lunch menu. I picked Onion Rava Dosa, Jenny, Idli sambar and Katie the Cheera Parippu (dal and spinach curry). As soon as I'd walked through the door, I felt happy - it's cosy, there's incense burning and we're welcomed warmly by the chef in the kitchen at the back who waves us in. We have to wait longer than we'd like but the food, when it comes, is just delicious. And it costs under twenty pounds including their juices and my Coke. We walk out with a glow of well-being, back to work with light feet. Unlike a visit to another of my Peckham favourites, The New Sunsplash Bakery, which always leads to an afternoon nap, with the phones off the hook. But that's another story.


Katie Bishop said...

It was my first Ganapati visit and certainly won't be my last - a fab suggestion Silvana and a lovely treat, thank you!

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