Monday, November 13, 2006

Lurgashall Whinery

We called in at Lugashall Winery as we continued on our way to Petworth. It was a bit disappointing really - we didn’t get the tasting session or the tour of the vineyard I was hoping for. Having said that, they don't actually have vineyards as they specialise in fruit wines and mead. Hmmm. So, in the end, It was just a shop with a grumpy old woman who sold us a bottle of equally sour Lurgashall Elderberry wine.

In fact it was so odd, neither Rob nor I could do more than half a glass. Usually, a slightly rough wine gets better with each glug, but this just got worse. Still, his mum’s wonderful lamb casserole and Live And Let Die on ITV4 more than made up for it. I’ve always liked Roger Moore the best.

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