Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Basement Crates: Discovery 7

John Barry: The Spa (United Artists, 1965)

The papers are full of Daniel Craig and Casino Royale. The new James Bond film already feels like one of those events that you're quite happy to leave to the papers, like there's nothing left for the rest of us, so I was particularly pleased to find this while trawling through the piles downstairs.

I picked up this Thunderball soundtrack in a record shop next door to Metro in Chicago. I was there to interview Luke from Sleepy Jackson. I think this LP cost two dollars, but I can't remember as I was so transfixed by the cover I just stuffed some money in the bloke's hand and wandered out.

It's not a rare record, it's not a collectable record, but it is a beautiful record, despite the presence of Tom Jones. Now, in 2006, we can only wonder just how exotic and exciting Cafe Martinique and Bond Below Disco Volante must have sounded. Scuba diving seemed wildly exciting to me and Silvana in Thailand in 1999, so God knows how this must have looked in Solihull or Baltimore or Cologne or Brisbane 41 years ago.

The Spa just reeks of expensive tobacco, hair oil and barely dressed woman of exotic descent. It's pathetic how affecting this stuff actually is really - shouldn't we all be over this sort of thing by now?

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