Monday, November 06, 2006

And vine not...

Yesterday morning we chopped the vines back to the roots. Unless you saw it with your own eyes you would not believe how much those bastards grow in a season - on the right day you can see them unfurl in front of your eyes.

So, we got the secateurs out and I waved a few vicious looking fronds at Silvana and made a few Evil Dead gags and spent a bit of time up a ladder wondering whether my life insurance was up to date. In 30 mins the garden was covered in thick leaves and crushed grapes.

Next year we will make wine. We will! We bloody will you know.

Oh yes, and can we talk about how brilliant it is in Dulwich Park at the moment? Me and The Scrap had the time of our lives there this weekend. Football, swings, ducks, geese, secret Mini Milks we DON'T TELL MUMMY ABOUT. Oh...

This weather - it can't last, can it?

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