Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Little Rolf Harris

Who could enjoy the Are You Being Served screenshot below and not ponder the enigma that is Rusty Goffe?
It's not immediately apparent from the picture, but Rusty is a person of restricted stature (or whatever). A moment's research in an otherwise frantically busy day (koff) yields showbiz gold...

Rusty's appearance in poor quality ape clobber in Are You Being Terrible was far from being his career highlight. In 1977 he was in Star Wars as an, er, Gonk Droid, having five years earlier accepted a role in Disciple Of Death:
"A henchman of Satan poses as a priest in order to get closer to young virgins he needs for human sacrifice."

He also appeared in two episodes of The Goodies, one of them as Little Rolf Harris, and three of The League Of Gentlemen. In 1999 he presented Live TV's, um, Britain's Bounciest Weather, on, ah, a trampoline. Rusty was 58 on 30th October. Gawd bless him.

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