Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Records That Make Me Feel Good: 6 & 7

Palito Ortega: Digan Lo Que Digan (RCA Victor, 1967)

I'd never heard of Palito Ortega until, well, the day before yesterday. But on Tuesday afternoon Silvana saw this and couldn't resist buying it for me. What do you think did it for her? Was it the desert boots? The casually discarded 12-string? The fact he's called Palito? Was it because Oxfam - the one on Marylebone Lane is fantastic - only wanted 49p?

For me, it's all those things. But it's also the cheery gold sticker from the shop it was first bought in, Discos Regalos in Torremelinos and the fact that one Sheila Macleod was so pleased with her purchase she wrote her name and the date - March 1968 - on the back. I wasn't even born in March 1968, but I bet Torremolinos in the spring was beautiful.

As for the record, it's cheery Argentine pop all the way. Some people on the internet think he's bad and some think he's, y'know, good. To be honest, I'm not that fussed. I've never heard of him, how bad can he be? (If he is really bad, do let me know and I'll promise to think harder next time).

Anyway, in 1967 he made a nice pop record - what more do you need to know?

Sharon Forrester: Love Inside - Del Intalex Mix (FFRR, 1994)

Now, Sharon Forrester has barely crossed my consciousness once since I put this FFRR 12" in a big box with a load of other 12"s some years ago. I seem to remember her doing a reggae version of a Beatles tune, but that's about it.

However, this is very nice, not that there's actually a lot of SF on this pointlessly wonderful remix. Pointless because no one is going to ever buy a Sharon Forrester record because Del Intalex once remixed something she did. But it's also wonderful because it represents a time when major labels honestly thought that properly clattering drum and bass (or, if you prefer, liquid funk) was somehow going to save their arses.

It didn't. Then the internet arrived and everyone started looking very, very scared.

Anyway, it's a period piece, innit. Enjoy.


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