Thursday, November 02, 2006

Old Nun's Head

Can't keep away from Nunhead this week. Especially this place. The Old Nun's Head has stood derelict for as long as we've lived round here. It has a great story - it was built in the 30s on the site of an old convent. For some reason the Mother Superior was executed and her head displayed on the green beside the pub, which is where the district of Nunhead gets its name. Anyway, those nice people from The Gowlet , just round the corner, have recently done it up very nicely despite the fact it is still haunted...

Last Saturday we were invited to a 3rd birthday party in the function room upstairs and had great fun with the The Tickle Monster. And tonight I was in again to join celebrations for my friend Angela's birthday. It's warm, friendly and wood panelled. The bar staff smile and the menu is fine, if a bit limited. We had a lovely time with Prosecco, bruschetta and home-cut chips. Detox definitely starts in the morning!

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