Friday, November 10, 2006


I ended up having one of those unexpected nights out tonight. After spending the day in a chocolate factory in Winchester (I love my job!) I called Angela on the way back and it just so happened that we we’re in the same part of town at the same time. So we met at 6 for a glass of wine in St John in Clerkenwell. Having only eaten chocolate all day, booze was a bad idea. From there we went to the launch of Trish Halferty’s new book Gastropub Classics at The Eagle in Farringdon where she used to be head chef. It's a nice-looking book and sure enough is packed with Gastropub classics like Shellfish Risotto and Lancashire Hotpot . There was a big round of applause for the photographer Jason Lowe who had forgotten to attend. On leaving, Angela called Jason to berate him for his lack of appearance. We then stopped by Moro for one for the road, it was after all, only 8.30pm. We'd just settled ourselves on the last two stools at the bar when in burst Jason who orders several rounds of Whiskey Sours and the Jamon plate with Padron peppers, takes a bit of flack, and picks up the bill on the way out! Thank you very much. I'm going to regret those Whiskey Sours in the morning. And all that chocolate.

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