Monday, November 06, 2006

The glory of eBay

A few months ago - actually, I think it was a year ago, which is a bit shameful - I started a new round of buying THINGS I REALLY, REALLY NEED, OH YES, on eBay. I decided, having chanced across a copy of Goal! magazine with a cheeringly youthful George Best cover from September 1968 - to collect magazines (any magazines) from the month Silvana or I were born.

So I've ended up with about 50 things I'm not sure what to do with. I'd like to get a lot of them framed, but that seems like an expensive way to enjoy a tiny circulation Flying Saucer Review from Cambridge, some theatrical reviews, a guide to Midlands buses, a curiously coy Playboy from May 1969, various model railway enthusiasts noodlings, a publication dedicated to Banjo, Guitar and Mandolin, a couple of fantastic aeronautical trade mags amazing Concorde covers and a huge stack of this brilliant old kid's magazine called Tell Me Why, among many others.

This one - featuring a double page spread showing the life of the Arabian prophet in swashbuckling cartoon form - is a particular favourite.

I wonder whether they're planning a re-print?

PS: The eagle-eyed will notice this doesn't come from Sept 68 OR May 69. It came in a job lot, OK!

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