Monday, November 13, 2006

It's chicken and rice again

It's Monday and I haven't been to the supermarket and I'm not in the mood to go. I've been scouring the house for something to make for tea tonight. I wish I had some left over roast chicken to start with, but I haven't. I've pulled a pack of two nice organic chicken breasts out of the freezer and into a bowl of cold water to hurry up the thawing and then I'm going to poach them. I've boiled half a bag of long grain rice, about 200g. All I need to do now is put it all together.

Chicken fried rice
Heat a splash of vegetable oil in a large wok and scramble two eggs, tip out onto a plate. Add another splash of oil to the pan and stir fry some chopped fresh shallot or onion, garlic, ginger and chilli. Add some cold cooked rice, frozen peas and shredded chicken and stir fry until piping hot. Stir through a handful of thinly sliced spring onions, the egg and some soy sauce. Very good for freezing.


Rob said...

Hurray! I can't wait, me...

Anonymous said...

We always have that with Sunday roast leftovers. it was pork yesterday. Yum. And the bestest bit is munching the cold crackling while cooking.