Monday, November 20, 2006

Gourmet Burger Kitchen

A new burger restaurant opened on our high street a couple of weeks ago. It's part of a chain so most locals were against it opening a bit like when Caffe Nero set up shop in the summer. Like Caffe Nero it is now packed. Well it was pretty lively when me and Simon popped in for our lunch today. We liked it. The burgers were juicy and very nicely cooked and at £6.50 each, cost about the same as the deep-fried sausages, Smash and Bisto gravy we had for lunch at the Lake Cafe in Whipsnade yesterday. I had a classic cheese burger and Simon the chilli version. We also had chips and the best bit was a side order of garlic mayonnaise. I thought £1.25 was a bit much but when it arrived, it was big pot - too much for two of us and was so fantastically garlicky we had to stop off at Hope and Greenwood, East Dulwich's brilliant 1950s-style sweet shop, on the way back for a quarter of apple and custards. Yum!

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